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I am loneliness and a soldier's niece
I wonder about the future and it's surprises
I hear the crying of soldiers that have died fighting for their country
I see depression that consumes the soldier's family
I want the death of war to stop and my soldier to come home
I am loneliness and a soldier's niece

I pretend my soldier is back home with me protecting me from home
I feel the cold wind on my skin as I sit on the porch waiting
I touch the clothes to my face as i remember his presence
I worry about my soldier not coming home one day
I cry when being strong is too hard to do anymore
I am loneliness and a soldier's niece

I understand the duty a soldier has to his country
I say come back as he walks into war
I dream of death, the darkness, and the war not claiming my soldier forever
I try to be strong for him
I hope I will get to see him again
I am loneliness and a soldier's niece
This one is about me the other soldier ones are just kinda a point of view from other families. This was for a class of mine and this one does hit close to home.

this one also -> [link]
The-Scarlet-Wolf Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This is quite touching. I can feel the sheer want of the narrator's uncle to come back.
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June 19, 2012
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